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Yesterday Never Dies Image - Kate Wilson

With the latest DSLR cameras and supporting equipment, the playing field has been leveled for indie filmmakers to produce quality videos at a fraction of the cost.

Taking advantage of this, TreeFrame Productions has been entering the music market with affordable yet beautifully crafted music videos. Having filmed bands like Straatligkinders, Haggis and Bong, the award winning Black Cat Bones and many other up-and-coming bands that hold the name of SA Music high, the production team proves that the platform of production is quickly changing.

"You see the large companies that used to ask no less than 2 Million Rand for videos having a massive drop in sales, and smaller companies taking the lead. In the past, people had large budgets and no options as to what production will cost, but with the development of new technology that allows beautiful quality at a very cheap rate, the industry needs to adapt. Clients don't want expensive anymore - they want more productions. If we adjust to fitting that ideal of the client, we will continue to prosper - just in a different way." says Dené Steyn, owner of TreeFrame Productions.

Their Music Video for I Become has taken off with force, being played on the MK Television show, "Ondergrond" without being submitted (the hosts found the video and played it on air in recognition of its great quality) and getting many hits on their Youtube account. Yesterday Never Dies is a local band who has launched internationally with many fans in the US, India, Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea and China, and their music video for their single "We Are The Damned" had its official launch this weekend.

Here is a link to the video:

TreeFrame Productions has realised that international quality video is achieved much easier with the new DSLR equipment, and invites all bands to delve into the new possibilities of getting their art expressed through video.

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