Film Production Companies

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Paul Vermaak Paul Vermaak
Audio Post Facilities | Composers and Sound Design | Music Production
Audio & Music Post-Production
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Documentary Fil... Documentary Filmmakers Association Website
Documentary Directors | Documentary Production Companies | Documentary Producers
Develop the interests of documentary filmmakers
Cape Town | South Africa
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Petra Peacock C-Cubed Communications Website
Media and Publicity
FCB Media and Marketing
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Kevin Nixon
Camera Operators
Camera, DOP, Editor, 1st AD
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Mario Kowarz
Editor, Writer, Director
Cape Town | South Africa
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Kevin Kriedemann KEViN LiKES Website
Media and Publicity
Writing, PR, marketing
Cape Town | South Africa
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Nadine De Carvalho
Production Assistant | Production Coordinators | Production Secretaries
Production Assistant, Actress, Childminder
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Bryce Ninow Oh My Hat Films
Camera Assistants | Camera Operators | Grips and Lighting
Grip/Gaffer, 2nd AC, Gimbel operator, Camera Operator, Editor
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Stacey Pearson Touchvision Website
Animation Production | Editors | Film Schools
Technology Sales: Animation, VFX, Editing, Camera's, Training
Cape Town | South Africa
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Daniel Israelite Dan Eye
Camera Operators
Cinematographer, Stanton Triangle Jimmy Jib, Photography
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Gail Bond Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking Website
Film Schools
Digital Filmmaking Film School
Johannesburg | South Africa
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SAGE South Afri... SAGE Website
Editors | Post Production Producer | Post Production Companies
Film and video picture editors, assistant editors, sound editors and post production professionals
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Nicho Barnard NJ Entertainment & Associates
Actor, Director, Producer and Writer
Pretoria | South Africa
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Francois Odendaal Francois Odendaal Productions Website
Documentary Producers
Wildlife Documentary Film Production Company
Cape Town | South Africa
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Regardt Voges The Color Space Website
Post Production Companies
Color Grading, DIT, Editing
Cape Town | South Africa
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Full Film Production
Cape Town | South Africa
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Earle Holmes AFDA Website
Film Schools | Film Festivals
The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live performance
Cape Town | South Africa
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Denny Y Miller Website
Television Directors
SAFTA winner with 23 years experience in the Industry.
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Trish Urquhart All About Writing Website
Scriptwriters | Film Schools
Scriptwriting Courses
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Phillip Gqitiyeza
Assistant Directors
1st AD / Long-Form Movie & Tv Series Scheduler/ Cast-Coordinator
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Louwtjie Prinsloo
Camera Operator, Editor
Bloemfontein | South Africa 2003 - 2017