Film Production Companies

Bryce Ninow's picture

Bryce Ninow Oh My Hat Films
Camera Assistants | Grips and Lighting | Camera Operators
Grip, Camera assistant, Camera Operator, Gimbel operator, Gaffer/Grip, Editor
Johannesburg | South Africa
SAGE South African Editors Guild's picture

SAGE South Afri... SAGE Website
Editors | Post Production Producer | Post Production Companies
Film and video picture editors, assistant editors, sound editors and post production professionals
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Earle Holmes AFDA Website
Film Schools | Film Festivals
The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live performance
Cape Town | South Africa
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Wendy Venter Wendys Talent Agency Website
Actors Agents | Talent and Modelling Agencies | Voice Over Artists
Actors, Character, Models & voice over agent
Johannesburg | South Africa
Gail Bond's picture

Gail Bond Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking Website
Film Schools
Digital Filmmaking Film School
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Kevin Kriedemann KEViN LiKES Website
Media and Publicity
Writing, PR, marketing
Cape Town | South Africa
Documentary Filmmakers Association's picture

Documentary Fil... Documentary Filmmakers Association Website
Documentary Directors | Documentary Production Companies | Documentary Producers
Develop the interests of documentary filmmakers
Cape Town | South Africa
Ockert Olivier's picture

Ockert Olivier
Editor, Videographer and Motion Graphics Artist
Pretoria | South Africa
Kevin Nixon's picture

Kevin Nixon
Camera Operators
Camera, DOP, Editor, 1st AD
Johannesburg | South Africa
Yolande Botha's picture

Yolande Botha The Brave Cartel Website
Commercials Directors | Scriptwriters | Feature Film Directors
Director and scriptwriter of branded content, commercials and short films
Cape Town | South Africa
Jürgen Hellberg's picture

Jürgen Hellberg Flying Pigs
Actors | Production Managers | Scriptwriters
Actor, Screenwriter, Producer
Johannesburg | South Africa
Kirsty Galliard's picture

Kirsty Galliard General Post Website
Post Production
Freelance Editors, Post Production Staff
Johannesburg | South Africa
Jess Phillips's picture

Jess Phillips Website
Freelance Video Editor
Cape Town | South Africa
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Chad Waller Organic Canvas Website
Props and Makers
Specialists in High Definition Organic Props, Fabrication, Prosthetic Make-up, Complex molding & Casting and Hyper realistic Dummies.
Cape Town | South Africa
Aryna de Klerk's picture

Aryna de Klerk Website
Script Supervisors and Continuity | Production Coordinators | Assistant Directors
Script and Continuity supervisor/ Assistent Director/ Production Co ordinator
Johannesburg | South Africa
The Film Link's picture

The Film Link The Film Link Website
We are an Extras Agency based in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We provide Extras for Movies and Commercials.
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Leila Smith
Production Coordinators | Production Assistant | Researchers
Production Assistant / Co ordinator / Floor Manager / Research / Autocue
Cape Town | South Africa
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David Whitehouse Loco VFX Website
Post Production Companies | Animation Production | Titling and Broadcast Design
VFX and CG animation studio based in Bryanston
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Cilla Lowen Cilla Lowen
Scriptwriters | Copywriters
Cape Town | South Africa
Daniel Israelite's picture

Daniel Israelite
Camera Assistants | Camera Operators | Grips and Lighting
Cinematographer, Stanton Triangle Jimmy Jib, Photography
Johannesburg | South Africa
Mark van Heeswijk's picture

Mark van Heeswijk Mark van Heeswijk
Editors | Post Production Producer | Video Production
Post Production
Johannesburg | South Africa 2003 - 2017