Film Production Companies

Bryce Ninow's picture

Bryce Ninow Oh My Hat Films
Camera Assistants | Camera Operators | Grips and Lighting
Grip/Gaffer, 2nd AC, Gimbel operator, Camera Operator, Editor
Johannesburg | South Africa
SAGE South African Editors Guild's picture

SAGE South Afri... SAGE Website
Editors | Post Production Companies | Post Production Producer
Film and video picture editors, assistant editors, sound editors and post production professionals
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Kevin Kriedemann KEViN LiKES Website
Media and Publicity
Writing, PR, marketing
Cape Town | South Africa
Earle Holmes's picture

Earle Holmes AFDA Website
Film Schools | Film Festivals
The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live performance
Cape Town | South Africa
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Kevin Nixon
Camera Operators
Camera, DOP, Editor, 1st AD
Johannesburg | South Africa
Documentary Filmmakers Association's picture

Documentary Fil... Documentary Filmmakers Association Website
Documentary Directors | Documentary Production Companies | Documentary Producers
Develop the interests of documentary filmmakers
Cape Town | South Africa
Petra Peacock's picture

Petra Peacock C-Cubed Communications Website
Media and Publicity
FCB Media and Marketing
Johannesburg | South Africa
Gail Bond's picture

Gail Bond Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking Website
Film Schools
Digital Filmmaking Film School
Johannesburg | South Africa
Leon Visser's picture

Leon Visser
Video Editor & Colourist
Cape Town | South Africa
Alli Heyns's picture

Alli Heyns Inyanga Recording cc
Set Sound | Sound Person
Location sound and audio post-production for film and television.
Johannesburg | South Africa
Jess Phillips's picture

Jess Phillips Website
Freelance Video Editor
Cape Town | South Africa
Trish Urquhart's picture

Trish Urquhart All About Writing Website
Scriptwriters | Film Schools
Scriptwriting Courses
Johannesburg | South Africa
Daniel Israelite's picture

Daniel Israelite Dan Eye
Camera Operators
Cinematographer, Stanton Triangle Jimmy Jib, Photography
Johannesburg | South Africa
Nadine De Carvalho's picture

Nadine De Carvalho
Production Assistant | Production Coordinators | Production Secretaries
Production Assistant, Actress, Childminder
Johannesburg | South Africa
Kerry Hosford's picture

Kerry Hosford Egg Films Website
Commercials Production Companies | Commercials Producers | Commercials Directors
Production Company Directors and Service
Cape Town | South Africa
Jürgen Hellberg's picture

Jürgen Hellberg Flying Pigs
Actors | Production Managers | Scriptwriters
Actor, Screenwriter, Producer
Johannesburg | South Africa
Cilla Lowen's picture

Cilla Lowen Cilla Lowen
Cape Town | South Africa
Samantha Claire Marais's picture

Samantha Claire...
Production Managers
Editor; Production Manager; Post Production Supervisor
Johannesburg | South Africa
Yolande Botha's picture

Yolande Botha The Brave Cartel Website
Commercials Directors | Scriptwriters | Feature Film Directors
Director and scriptwriter of branded content, commercials and short films
Cape Town | South Africa
Derrick Flax's picture

Derrick Flax DC Productions Website
Commercials Production Companies
DC Productions is a video production company that provides professional video services for the corporate, health care, mining, training and entertainment industries. We are turnkey corporate communication professionals offering high impact corporate video
Johannesburg | South Africa
Francois Odendaal's picture

Francois Odendaal Francois Odendaal Productions Website
Documentary Producers
Wildlife Documentary Film Production Company
Cape Town | South Africa 2003 - 2017