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Stacey Pearson Touchvision Website
Post Production
Technology Sales: Animation, VFX, Editing, Camera's, Training

Cape Town | South Africa

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Barry Strick Post Production South Africa (Pty) Ltd Website
Editors | Post Production Companies | Post Production Producer
Post Production Facility and Crew Agency

Cape Town | South Africa

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Documentary Fil... Documentary Filmmakers Association Website
Documentary Directors
Develop the interests of documentary filmmakers

Cape Town | South Africa

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Jess Phillips Website
Freelance Video Editor

Cape Town | South Africa

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Wesley Volschenk
Television Directors
Production / Fixer / Directing / Writing / Development

Cape Town | South Africa

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Kevin Kriedemann Kevin Kriedemann Website
Media and Publicity
Writing, PR, marketing

Cape Town | South Africa

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Woltera Rolvink Website
Post Production
Senior Video editor/Independent Producer

Cape Town | South Africa

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Nicole Claire Steyn Website
Production Assistant
Production assistant, Production coordinator, Junior video editor, Junior Producer

Cape Town | South Africa

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Nikki De Villie... Partners in Travel
Travel Agencies
Travel agency services, Value added travel solutions, Best Air Fares, Best Hotel Rates, Best Transfer and Car Hire Rates

Cape Town | Mauritius

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Cilla Lowen

Cape Town | South Africa

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Daniel Bezuidenhout
Editor, On Set Sound. Sound Design, Director
Cape Town
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Richard Pule
Video Producer, Editor and Camera operator
Cape Town
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Danelle Smith
Film/Video editor
Cape Town
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Warren Mac Carthy
Camera Operators
Director I DP I Editor
Cape Town
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Theresa Capito
Documentary Directors
Cape Town
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Lucilla Blankenberg
Television Production Companies
Producer / Director: Doccies, TV Drama, etc
Cape Town
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Stephen Schmidt
Directors of Photography
Directing, DoP, Producing
Cape Town
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Stefan Vosloo
Art Department
Production Assistant, Art Department Assistant, Props & Set Dressing, Scriptwriter, Runner, Chaperone, anything you need etc.
Cape Town
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Christopher Swart
Screenwriter, Filmmaker
Cape Town
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Anja Immelman
Video Editor & Graphic Effects
Cape Town
'Kris' Krishna ... Editing, Script Writing, Video Shooting Cape Town Editors
(Thomas) Luke T... Props and fabrication, PA, props stand by Cape Town
727gang records record label Cape Town
Aaron Scheiner Camera Operator/General Audio Cape Town Camera Operators
AB Dylan Bosman Production Assistant, Director's Assistant Cape Town Production Assistant
abdirahman muktar feature extra Cape Town
Abdul Aziez Stemmet Sound engineering, equipment, media, audio, music, Cape Town
Abigail Ball Offline Editor Cape Town Editors
Abigail von Fintel Extra Cape Town
Adam Behr Voiceover, Animatronic Puppeteer Cape Town Voice Over Artists 2003 - 2018