Composers and Sound Design South Africa

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Rowan Codling
Audio Post Production
Composers and Sound Design in Cape Town South Africa
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Marius Schutte
Sound Design, Film Score Composition, Music Production, Wwise/FMOD Integration Website
Composers and Sound Design in Pretoria South Africa
Alex Bozas Soundtrack Origination,Recording&Design. Cape Town South Africa
Alex Meyer Music Composition, Curation, Sound-Design and Post-... Cape Town South Africa
Allan Pietersen Sound Engineer, Audio Producer, English teacher,... Cape Town South Africa
Alun Richards Music Score / Audio Post / Dolby Digital mix South Africa
Andrew T. Mackay Award-winning composer, arranger, conductor & DJ Mumbai India
Andries Gous Assistant Editor Stellenbosch South Africa
Anthony Haenen Music composition & production Johannesburg South Africa
Arend Erasmus Film & Trailer Music Composer Pretoria South Africa
Arthur Grósz Music for motion picture, TV and film (composer and... Budapest Hungary
ashton gardner music composition Cape Town South Africa 2003 - 2017