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Megan Firth Mediafix Website
Content Production, Crew and Talent Recruitment, Production Accounting, Sponsorship and Branding
Johannesburg | South Africa

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Karen Lightbody Nautilus Film Crew Website
We represent top-qualified, international award winning crew in all genres, and we have the largest art department representation in the country. We’re the one-stop film crew solution for productions large and small.
Cape Town | South Africa

Crew Agents

Dean Joseph location scout photographer Johannesburg Africa
Erica van den Raad Art Department Crew Agency Cape Town South Africa
Gunther Ferreira Photography & Model Agency Kempton Park South Africa
Hlahla Maluleke Student Johannesburg South Africa
Janice Bowden Film crew agent Johannesburg South Africa
Katherine Mathias Photographers, stylists, makeup & hair stylists South Africa
Kelly Dean South Africa
Moe Motala Durban Filmmakers Guild Durban South Africa
Natalie Gautier Crew placement & production management company Cape Town South Africa
Nouria Benchekroun Location P.A, Art department P.A, film crew, Cape Town South Africa 2003 - 2017