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Earle Holmes AFDA Website
The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live performance
Cape Town | South Africa

Film Schools | Film Festivals

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Gail Bond Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking Website
Digital Filmmaking Film School
Johannesburg | South Africa

Film Schools

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Trish Urquhart All About Writing Website
Scriptwriting Courses
Johannesburg | South Africa

Scriptwriters | Film Schools

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Stacey Pearson Touchvision Website
Technology Sales: Animation, VFX, Editing, Camera's, Training
Cape Town | South Africa

Animation Production | Editors | Film Schools

Alicia Vincent-Price AFDA (The South African School of Motion Picture and... Cape Town South Africa
Angie Labuschagne GetSmarter partners with the University of Cape Town... Cape Town South Africa
Anita Kruger Lecturer Cape Town South Africa
Annie Wize Film Institute Kigali Rwanda
Bryce Hepburn Head of Department: Film Production Cape Town South Africa
Daniel J. Harris Curator / Teacher/ Filmmaker Cape Town South Africa
Dominique Vande... Video training Cape Town South Africa
Dr Louw van der Walt Professor Potchefstroom South Africa
George Hattingh Specialised, Private Training facility based in the... Johannesburg South Africa
Gina Bonmariage Head of Postgraduate School Johannesburg South Africa 2003 - 2017