Music Post Production South Africa

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Marius Schutte Wolfbeard Sound Design Website
Sound Design, Film Score Composition, Music Production, Wwise/FMOD Integration
Pretoria | South Africa

Music Post Production | Composers and Sound Design | Music Production

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Geo Höhn (Hoehn) Insomnia Studios Website
Composer, Re-recording Engineer
Johannesburg | South Africa

Music Post Production

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Joel Diamond Joel Diamond Music Website
Music Composer
New York | United States

Composers and Sound Design | Music Post Production | Music Production

adekoye olugbenga sound designer, sound producer and sound engineer Cape Town South Africa
Alex Batazzi Sound engineer. Cape Town South Africa
Allen Flawa Sound Designer,Audio Engineer,Foley Artist, Music... Jakarta Indonesia
Andre Cloete Music Production, A/V post production South Africa
Andre Magone Composer Sound Designer Hollywood United States
Andrew Ford Music and Sound Studio, Protools Cape Town South Africa
Augusto Romano Music/Soundtracks South Africa
Carlo Muller Post Production Cape Town South Africa
Claude Qongwana Music Production: film music, composing, beats (... Johannesburg South Africa
Cristian Parras I'm film composer, I have written an screenplay... Barcelona Spain 2003 - 2018