Music Production South Africa

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Marius Schutte Wolfbeard Sound Design Website
Sound Design, Film Score Composition, Music Production, Wwise/FMOD Integration
Pretoria | South Africa

Music Post Production | Composers and Sound Design | Music Production

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Joel Diamond Joel Diamond Music Website
Music Composer
New York | United States

Composers and Sound Design | Music Post Production | Music Production

Arné von Mollendorf Vocal & Instrument Tracking / Mixing / Mastering... Worcester South Africa
Ashwill Erasmus Music Production, Sound Engineering, Final Master,... Johannesburg South Africa
Beni Vuna Movies sound tracks, Music Producer(all types) and... Johannesburg South Africa
Bernie Millar Music composer and producer and scriptwriter South Africa
Bevan Visser Music Prod & Recording Final Mix Scriptwriting South Africa
Brendan Jury Composer / Sound Design / Final Mix South Africa
Charles Newman Indie Music Catalog - Custom Music Services - Music... New York United States
Chrisse Feros Music Production, tracks and specific design vocalists Brisbane Australia
Craig Kruger Lock off or any form of film work. Cape Town South Africa
Dave Klotz Internationally Credited Composer Toronto Canada 2003 - 2019