Wardrobe South Africa

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Patrick Flynn STYLEbudd – costumes | props | decor | styling Website
Stylist / Art Director / Costume & Prop Hire Services / Manufacturing
Durban | South Africa


Anri Griessel Wardobe standby / Production assistance Johannesburg South Africa
Ashlin Naundorf Wardrobe Stylist Johannesburg Africa
Cameron Michaels Wardrobe Johannesburg South Africa
Cheney van Graan Make-up, wardrobe and styling Cape Town South Africa
christina elgie Costume Designer/ Stylist Johannesburg South Africa
Diane Mpengesi make up and hair and wardrobe Cape Town South Africa
Dolly Lepele Designer Johannesburg South Africa
Frances Moerdyk Wardrobe, Makeup artist, Hairstylist Johannesburg South Africa
gabrielle triegaardt Makeup, Wardrobe and Styling Cape Town South Africa
Gaynor Adonis Wardrobe and Set Decor Stylist Assistant Cape Town South Africa

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