Film Production Companies

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Leon Visser
Video Editor & Colourist
Cape Town | South Africa
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Alli Heyns Inyanga Recording cc
Set Sound | Sound Person
Location sound and audio post-production for film and television.
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Cilla Lowen Cilla Lowen
Cape Town | South Africa
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Derrick Flax DC Productions Website
Commercials Production Companies
DC Productions is a video production company that provides professional video services for the corporate, health care, mining, training and entertainment industries. We are turnkey corporate communication professionals offering high impact corporate video
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Denny Y Miller Website
Television Directors
SAFTA winner with 23 years experience in the Industry.
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Louwtjie Prinsloo
Camera Operator, Editor
Bloemfontein | South Africa
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Kirsty Galliard General Post Website
Post Production
Freelance Editors, Post Production Staff
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Laszlo Bene Klonkie Made Media Website
Television Producers | Television Directors | Scriptwriters
Television production
Johannesburg | South Africa
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FC Hamman Films FC Hamman Films
Aerial Filming
Drone Aerial Filming (CAA Fully Licensed)
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Joe Dlamini Freelancer
Sound Person
Location Sound Recordist
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Loraine Mouton
Production Accounting, Payroll and Tax Services 10yrs Experience
Cape Town | South Africa
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Amy Roux Young Gun Films Website
Television Production Companies | Post Production Companies | Editors
The Unconventional Film and Online Video Production + Post-Production Company
Cape Town | South Africa
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Karen Son National Film and Video Foundation Website
Commissions and Government | Shooting Locations
Film Commission
Johannesburg | South Africa
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Joel Diamond Joel Diamond Music Website
Composers and Sound Design | Music Post Production | Music Production
Music Composer
New York | United States
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Peace Anyiam-Osigwe The Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) Website
Film Festivals
AMAA is a platform that projects the African film industry to Africa and the rest of the world. It is a glamorous celebration of artistry honoring excellence in African Filmmaking and Cinema.
Lagos | Nigeria 2003 - 2017