Cameraman / Camera Operator Cape Town

Hiring a full-time DP to join our small teams to create aspirational imagery for stock footage/image libraries. As DP you are responsible for the final image, and all the technical aspects involved with camera and lighting. You have worked on RED and ARRI. You have experience as DP, gaffer, focus puller.

You’re a creative problem solver when it comes to lighting a set, knowing how to make natural light and limited gear go a long way, but also know what to do with abundant gear when you have it. You’d be comfortable using a lightmeter but prefer trusting your eye and your gut. You love technology and you’re excited about the future, but you don’t spend all your time on set geeking out over gear because for you the image is king.

You prefer working in small passionate teams compared to crowded sets but also love taking time out to create beautiful shots as a one man band. You are happiest when challenged.

You have experience with a range of camera gear and lighting gear but aren’t fussed about famous brands, you can create magic with your phone. You are happy to lend a helping hand to other departments, lifting, carrying, holding. You work carefully, sensibly and economically. You never stop learning and honing your craft. You are looking for a stable, long-term base to enjoy the industry.

You have grit, creativity, determination, skill, and talent that go beyond what is easily defined by a cover letter/CV or job description. Just as your abilities go way beyond what your CV can ever capture so does the scope of the position. You go above and beyond.

To apply send us:

A one-minute video of yourself, just say ‘hi’ introduce yourself, let us know what you are about (does not need to be professionally done, you can use your phone). This is the best and only way we are able to meet every applicant.

Brief cover letter: Tell us about the things you have done that show you are a good fit for the role and prove your awesomeness.

CV/filmography (if that applies to you) and link to your showreel or stuff you have worked on.

Note: If you link to something we need to know in what role you were involved in the project

Applications will not be considered without a video.

Make sure you have the role you are applying for and if you are junior/mid/senior and your full name in the subject line.

Job start date: 4 September 2017 depending on department.

Interview process:

There will be one initial interview and a second interview. For Directors & DP's there will be paid shoot test days in September.

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