Senior Editor Cape Town

Partnering with the Director, and in collaboration with the Head of Story and Producers, the Senior Editor will bring their editing and story expertise to the film and implement this at various stages of production (i.e. storyboarding, animatic reviews, animation and final picture).

You are a filmmaker, artist, mechanic and collaborator rolled into one and will be required to perform careful review through animated footage to turn ideas into a compelling story.

Your responsibilities will include:

- Discussing scripts, storyboards and animatics with the Director and Head of Story to better understand their vision
- Arranging footage to craft a final film with a solid story structure, working comedic elements, emotional engagement, and dynamic pace
- Preparing rough cuts for the director and internal reviews as well as for external viewings
- Creating and updating the sound design in collaboration with a musical director/sound editor
- Work closely with the Head of Story and Story team to ensure the edit is up to date
- Cutting and trimming shots in the off-line edit
- Working with department Leads, Software Developers and the animation team to optimise workflow as well as share information on what tools are required
- Convert/transcode footage for the distribution channels
- Compiling authoring formats between cutting rooms (EDL’s and AAF’s)
- Identifying pros and cons of different delivery formats (audio and video combined)
- Ensuring the timecode, BIT depth and format is correct for audio

- Supervise the work done within the Editorial Department in Pre-production;
- Develop, manage and maintain timing and production quotas in collaboration with the production team;
- Attend and actively participate meetings with the Director and Head of Story,
- Assign, supervise and verify the work of the Editor/s,
- Inform the team regarding changes and other news related to the projects,

Your key skills will include:

- At least five (5) to seven (7) years of work experience in a film or animation production environment in Editorial;
- Excellent story skills;
- Understanding of film language
- Experience with Adobe Premier and Avid Media Composer
- Ability to demonstrate a strong understanding of all aspects of the off-line edit and CG animation pipeline.
- Ability to quantify deliverables, schedule delivery and set and meet deadlines.
- Ability to troubleshoot and implement fixes for a production pipeline.
- Strong ability in media managing the edit project for best optimisation.
- Ability to work without supervision
- Must be able to establish priorities and work efficiently on various tasks within a high-pressure environment while respecting production deadlines;
- Ability to take direction, give direction and work as part of a team
- Must have strong organizational, management and communication skills;

Portfolio and animation film experience is key for this role.

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