ZIFF 2015 announces official selection

The Zanzibar International Film Festival is the longest running film festival in East Africa, with global credibility and instant Pan-African recognition. ZIFF 2015 will take place from the 18th to the 26th of July 2015 in Stonetown.

Television Reporters Johannesburg

News channel is looking for television reporters nationwide with a minimum of two years' experience in the industry with expertise in news-gathering and the use of news-gathering technology. Candidates should have excellent English writing, communication, internet and social media skills.

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Promo Editor Johannesburg

Television news channel is looking for a promo editor/ promo-producer with 7 years' experience in a similar position. Candidate must be highly creative and experienced in post-production editing, compositing and good knowledge of 3D max and after effects.

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Drones fly through loophole

While drones have become popular with estate agents, the film industry and even event organisers wanting aerial shots, there is currently no legislation regulating the use of drones in South Africa. By Anel Lewis

Camera Operators Johannesburg

News channel is looking for qualified outdoor and studio camera operators nationwide with a minimum of four years' experience for outdoor camera operators, and six years' experience for studio camera operators.

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Head of Publicity and Social Media Johannesburg

Develop and implement a public relations strategy and plans, Develop and implement social media strategies, Actively establish and maintain effective working relationships with clients, media and key group stakeholders and develop new business opportunities.

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SABC 3 launches new TV show to find the face of Edgars

Twelve hopefuls will compete to become the face of Edgars on SABC 3’s new reality show, She’s The One. The contestants will get the opportunity to prove their skills, receive expert mentoring and growth, all while building their personal brand and becoming recognisable and celebrated women on local TV.