The A-Team works

For kids in the Eighties The A-Team was a big deal, and most could recite the voiceover - 'In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit...' word for word. by Alex Zane

Mountain of Madness greenlit for James Cameron

Guillermo Del Toro has long mentioned the difficulty he's experienced with bringing HP Lovecraft's horror At The Mountains Of Madness to the big screen.

Surprisingly, with James Cameron producing a 3D version of it at his side, the project has finally been greenlit.

Get the latest DStv content on your cellphone

DStv Mobile has launched a streaming Mobile TV service on Vodafone live, the multimedia portal of Vodacom.

Subscribers are able to view 11 channels and a wide range of on-demand video clips for an all-inclusive subscription of R59 per month or R19 per week.

Sky announces 3D channel

In the same week that Sky announced that its dedicated 3D channel would go live on October 1, Panasonic has become the first company to launch a mainstream, mass-market 3D video camera. By Matt Warman