A short film first, then the world

Luke Doolan and Drew Bailey are the director/producer team behind the Oscar-nominated short Miracle Fish. They are currently in post-production for Cryo, a science fiction short that will complement the story and hopefully help finance their first feature, Cargo.

Financing indies in U.K tougher than ever

Independent film financing in the U.K is tougher than it has ever been, Oscar-winning auteur film producer Jeremy Thomas told a film financing confab Wednesday, arguing that the U.K should rejoin pan-European co-production fund Eurimages to up its funding potential. by Mimi Turner

OK Go: How to make a viral video

How do you make a video or, really, any piece of online content go viral? It's something on the mind of every backyard YouTube videographer; every pajama blogger; and, ahem, every big news organization working on the internet. by John D. Sutter