TV Sports Ingest Operator Johannesburg

Ingest content from tape according to specifications of the various channels, Maintain the required content delivery standards, Ingest tape with correct segmentation, Manual and automated routing via routing switcher, Ensure audio and video is within spec of channel standards

EbonyLife TV to launch on DStv

EbonyLife TV will be launching to DStv customers in Southern Africa on 10 September 2014. The channel is currently available to DStv customers in 44 countries in West, East and Central Africa.

Vision Controller / Lighting Johannesburg

Setting up, balancing of camera functions pertaining to studio shoots, Recalling the correct lighting cues for each individual Production, Making adjustments to lighting as required for each shoot, Monitoring visual integrity of pictures being submitted for broadcast, Matching of cameras in terms

Senior VIZ Designer Johannesburg

Building and designing of templates, Building and designing of motion graphics, Sourcing icons, images, maps for graphic templates, Completing graphics request using templates on the Graphic Computers, Checking all graphics before going to air, Operating graphic play out computers during live an