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Dominique Jossie is an emerging film director with a passion for South African storytelling. She studied a BA degree majoring in Film, Drama and Media at the University of Cape Town (UCT) continuing to graduate with honours in Drama in 2009. She has designed videography for live dance performances and coordinated the internationally acclaimed Winnie The Opera, a multimedia opera about the life of Winnie Mandela. In August 2011, Dominique co-convened the GIPCA Film and Dance conference. The conference served as a platform for international dance film practitioners and writers as well as local dancers and filmmakers. Dominique interned at the 40th Annual Dance on Camera Festival in New York. She is also a Durban Talent Campus Alumni. In 2012 She directed the Short Documentary Trickornometry which aired on Rai TV in Italy. She later segment directed Indoni Cultural Miss South Africa, which required her to travel around the country filming girls in their rural villages. As a dancer Dominique has been competing in Latin and Ballroom dance Sport since 2007 and has won numerous national and provincial awards.

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