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We are an Extras Agency based in Johannesburg. We provide Extras for Movies and Commercials. Get Locations for shoots, Hire Police, Security, Nurse & many other uniforms.
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MTV Shug Down South, The Madiba Series - Out of Africa, Oddessey - Lobster Tree Films, Vaya The Movie - Rafifi Pictures, The Road - Bomb Productions, Vodacom , SAB-MILLER - Lankrid Films, Back of the Moon - The Bomb Shelter
Feature Film
Quizzical Pictures, Out of Africa, Lobster Tree Films, Raffifi Pictures, Bomb Productions, Lankrid Pictures, Word of Mouth Pictures, Quizzical Pictures
Extras Suppliers and Extras Coordinators
Vaya The Movie- Directed by Akin / Mtv Shuga (2016)
Feature Film
Raffifi Pictures / Quizzical Pictures (2016)
Extras Suppliers and Extras Coordinators
Vodacom - Travel Saver & Outsurance
Spitfire Films / Eye Magnet Media
Extras Suppliers and Extras Coordinator

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