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Security Service Provider

BRITSAF.COM is fronted by Former British Royal Marines and former Special Forces

Security Consultants & Medical Emergency Assistance or evacuation can be provided as well as First Aid and First Responder Training for individuals or Corporate clients /Travel Assistance and planning tailored to your individual or corporate requirements throughout Africa

Our aim as security consultants is to facilitate our client identifying risk, threats and problems, implementing bespoke solutions backed by a commitment to the highest levels of quality, service and client care

Our Security Consultants provide discreet, immediate close protection and continually advise our clients on local and regional security issues/Security intelligence (SI) is the information relevant to protecting an organization from external and inside threats as well as the processes, policies and tools designed to gather and analyze that information

We work with you to figure out exactly which services you or your business requires to operate safely and more efficiently on the African continent. Once that is established, our consulting team can work with you to facilitate your security and safety needs /Are you concerned about the regulatory and government compliance. We will keep you informed and advise you on local laws and customs so that you can feel secure. Our Intelligence and legal team will keep us abreast of upto date information and news in the countries travelled/We know that your business is running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So it's imperative you have help outside of the regular office hours. You can reach someone on our team for an emergency at any time of the day or night. Supporting you around the clock is our business

Risk management is the process of identifying, measuring and treating property, liability, income, and personnel exposures to loss. The ultimate goal of risk management is the preservation of the physical and human assets of the organization for the successful continuation of its operations.

Our mission

Our consultants are highly experienced in carrying out bespoke,detailed security surveys. We work all over the African continent for clients in government, industry, insurance companies and private individuals.

Our surveys range from initial assessments to detailed examinations of corporate headquarters and remote, high-value facilities.
We identify security risks and provide comprehensive, actionable and affordable recommendations for mitigating risk.

FREC/FPOS Level 3 & 4 focusing on trauma care and pre hospital care given at home or your place of work/HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT AWARENESS TRAINING/ CLOSE PROTECTION, PERSONAL PROTECTION, SECURITY DRIVER TRAINING

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