Nicole Vittoria de Jager

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Costume Designer, Extras Wardrobe Supervisor, Fashion Stylist, Research, Unit Assistant, Production Coordinator

* I have worked as a freelancer in the Film and Fashion Industry, in the capacity of stylist, extras costume supervisor or designer for 19 years.

* Over the years I have dealt with numerous retail companies, advertising agencies and production houses.

* I have good communication skills whether written or verbal.

* I am able to engage one on one with an individual, partake in group discussions or deliver to an audience.

* I have good telephone etiquette.

* I have strong negotiation skills.

* I am honest, trustworthy and follow through with commitments.

* I am organised, have strong administrative skills, I am computer literate and work well under pressure.

* I maintain a good balance between creative and analytical thinking.

* Having supervised costume departments, I am able to manage a team as well as take instruction from my superiors.

* I am a team player as well as someone who is self-motivated and able to work independently and unsupervised.

* I believe in collaboration.

* I have an absolute love for research, referencing and visual presentations.

* I am meticulous when it comes to attention to detail.

* I am passionate about my work, committed and give of my best in every situation.

* I have a number of years of work experience behind me and what I don’t know, I would love to be taught. I am a fast learner.

Film TitleTypeCompanyRole
★ Troy “Fall of a City”
Film Afrika / BBC
Crowd Costume Supervisor
★ Costume (1998 - present) - feature films / stills / series / television commercials / reality / music videos ★ Unit & Locations Assistant (2014 - 2016) - series / television commercials ★ 2nd AD ★ Research ★ Production Coordinator
Various Local And International Production Companies
Fashion Stylist / Wardrobe Hod / Wardrobe Supervisor / Costume Designer - project dependent
★ Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom
Feature Film
Videovision Entertainment / Film Afrika / Distant Horizon / Origin Pictures
Uniform Supervisor

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