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Wendys Talent Agency
Actors, Character, Models & voice over agent

Wendy's Talent Agency started out as a Model & Casting School in 2003 and have since grown into one of the most reputable agencies in South Africa. We pride ourselves on the quality of the service we provide to our customers and therefore only employ top caliber staff who are well trained and focus on helping our customers get the results they need.

In 2009 we join the Colt brand and successfully operated under their banner until 2014. In order to grow our business even further and too achieve the various goals we have set for our business we decided to leave the Colt brand and are now once again trading as Wendy’s Talent Agency.

The youngest person we had on set was a 3 day old baby & the oldest an 87 year old grandmother. The most people we had on set was 839 people on one set in one day and the most people we had on set consecutively were 356 people for 11 days in a row.

We have cast actors, models, voice overs, background artistes and featured extras / characters in South Africa for commercials and movies such as Hansie, Amelia, Avenger, Lord of War, Mamma Jack, Invictus, Winnie, etc, we have worked on most of the SA soapies and worked on 1000's of commercials since 2003 providing models, background artistes, characters, doubles, stand-ins and actors.

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