Debonairs Pizza Sides With Working Moms

Debonairs Pizza Sides With Working Moms

South Africa's leading quick service restaurant in the pizza market, Debonairs Pizza, has come down squarely on the side of working moms with its value-for-money deal, a wallet-pleasing On the Double(r) promotion offering two large pizzas from a choice of six amazing flavor combinations for just R129.90.

Communicating the deal is a 30-second television commercial created by FCB Joburg's team of Creative Director Greg Cameron, Art Director Fezi Mpembe and Copywriter TJ Njozela.

With performances directed by Darling Films' Mzi Khumalo and mouth-watering food shots from Hungry Films' Ian Difford, 'The Mamzoz' is an easy-going but energetic slice of life from one of the mom's sitting rooms.

"It's a message I can also relate to," said Debonairs Pizza's Marketing Executive, Toni Joubert, who is also a working mom. "The ad's breezy dialogue - in both Zulu and English - is high-energy, much like the ladies have to be in order to cram as much as they do into their lives, but the tone is playful.

"It's obvious these ladies don't resent the time they put in for their families, but they do acknowledge that they need a break every now and then. So, when one says she has to leave to start preparing the evening meal, another reaches for her phone and the Debonairs Pizza app to order in a satisfying On the Double(r) meal, and - in doing so - giving her friend a much-needed break from the kitchen.

The 27-year-old brand targets males and females between 25 and 49 years of age living on their own or with young families and 'The Mamzoz' speaks to them all, not just the working mothers used to communicate its amazing value.

"The consumer insight driving our strategy and execution for On The Double(r) is that, given the long working day so many of us put in, we often don't have the mental or physical energy to keep on going once we get home and mealtime comes around," explained Cameron.

"Fortunately, with the great value of the On The Double(r) promotion from Debonairs Pizza, moms (or dads) can easily provide a delicious meal for their family to share without the hassle of cooking."

'The Mamzoz' flights on SABC, ETV and DSTV channels between March 13 and end of May this year but you can view the ad here:

Client: Famous Brands
Brand: Debonairs Pizza On the Double(r)
Marketing Executive: Toni Joubert
Marketing Manager: Monica Sithole
Creative agency: FCB Joburg
Business Unit Director: Mogani Naidoo
Account Director: Kefilwe Khanda
Account Executive: Kaylyn Naicker
Chief Creative Officer: Ahmed Tilly
Creative Director: Greg Cameron
Copywriter: TJ Njozela
Art Director: Fezi Mpembe
Strategic planner: Stuart Sims and Katherine Anousakis
TV production: Tidimalo Mothlamme
Media planners: Jedd Cokayne and Sulize Janse Van Vuuren - The Media Shop
Production companies: Darling Films and Hungry Films
Directors: Mzi Khumalo; Ian Difford
Editor: Tessa Ford and Fuel Content
Post-production: Fuel Content

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