Green Zebra produced UNICEF 2017 Campaign

'If one day that closure would be achieved, it would mean that no child would die of hunger, cold, or due to preventable diseases such as simple diarrhea, would mean that all children would go to school and have access to health services', the UNICEF said in a statement.

The campaign is accompanied by a video in which we see UNICEF volunteers saying goodbye to the people they have helped for years and in whom these people recognize that "it is the happiest day" of their lives.

Commissioned to reproduce various parts of Africa for this call to end the need for UNICEF, Green Zebra Productions collaborated with some of the South African industries' top crew and service providers.

Produced by Green Zebra Productions for Albert Uria of Spain's Garage Films & agency J.Walther Thompson, in-conjunction with LA based Tradewind Films, the production was shot at four different locations near Cape Town. With the local industry pulling together to make this NGO shoot happen, everyone contributed to the production over and beyond the call of duty. The art and wardrobe departments, dealing with a limited budget and ambitious target, performed admirably, bringing life to the story.

Shot on an Alexa Mini with anamorphic lenses, the amazing assistance provided by Media Film Services allowed the talented camera & lighting departments to deliver a world-class service to the Spanish clients; which in turn allowed the director and the amazing casting department to provide a platform for the cast to deliver powerful performances.

The talent in local production crew, cast, art & wardrobe allowed for an amazing end product. Green Zebra Productions and the producers would like to thank everyone involved with the project; without everyone's extra dedication & help on this collaborative NGO TVC, this production would not have carried the same weight.

This video will hopefully go some way in raising awareness to the plight of children the world over.


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