Kazi Vibe aims to bring cinema back to the people

Kazi Vibe aims to bring cinema back to the people

There were a number of famous cinemas in the townships, including the Paragon Cinema in Katlehong, the Kings Cinema in Alexandra, the San Couzi in Kliptown, and the Mathole Cinema in Tembisa. But with the advent of satellite television, streaming content and DVDs, these small independent cinemas struggled, and closed down one by one.

The aim of the Kasi Vibe Film Festival is to redevelop a local cinema-watching audience inside the tornwship, built up on a love of local stories.

The initiative, which started last year, but has only taken off this year, was founded by a group of youth ambassadors who have been travelling abroad to showcase their own cinema work, Lerato Mokhele, Nkantu Luscious Dosi, and Tiego Mashela.

Their three aims are:

To bring the essence of African stories to the people.
To promote audio-visual communication as a keystone of nation building process.
To make it an annual reputable film festival.


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