South Park comes of age on Showmax

South Park comes of age on Showmax

White People Renovating Houses, the first episode of South Park's 21st season, is now on Showmax, with weekly episodes available fresh from the USA.

If the new season trailer below is anything to go by, the irreverent primary schoolers are in for one raucous 21st party of a season. Warning: it's the official trailer, so in keeping with the show contains imagery that some viewers may find offensive.

Show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have said they're moving away from the 'Giant douche vs turd sandwich' election commentary of the previous season towards one-off, episodic storylines and more kids-being-kids moments like Cartman messing with Butters.

But the description for the season premiere sounds like it could be set in Charlottesville, suggesting South Park is going to stay as relevant as ever, thanks in part to its famously quick production schedule. "Protesters armed with tiki torches and confederate flags take to the streets of South Park, as Randy comes to grips with what it means to be white in today's society."

South Park lost to Bob's Burgers at last weekend's Emmy Awards but has been on a serious roll: since being snubbed in 2012, the show came back to win in 2013 and has since been nominated four years in a row - making it five Emmy wins and seven nominations in the last 13 years.

The last two seasons both have 100% critics ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, while South Park has an 88% rating on IMDB, where it was number 55 in the all-time rankings at the time of writing.

As The New York Observer said last season: "What is most impressive about South Park is its evolution over time. What began as a show based around entertaining toilet humor has developed into the most popular satirical voice in modern pop culture."

Seasons 19 and 20 are also available to binge-watch on Showmax. Watch the trailer:

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