Commercials South Africa

Creative Graphic Design Internship Cape Town

We work in a sort of the secretive world of creative research, basically we get paid to find images and clips for film directors around the world. I’m not going to lie, its long hours for little praise. But, its an opportunity to get into the film industry.

Rentals Co-Ordinator Johannesburg

Project management of equipment rentals onto film shoots of all types from documentaries & commercials to large scale feature films. Applicant required to be Neat and tidy, Well-spoken, articulate & polite, Positive attitude, Professional and calm.

Summer Beats Christmas In SA

Summer Beats Christmas In SA

In December, many big brands worldwide launch Christmas campaigns. In South Africa, the focus is on summer, and Cell C – the cellular service provider that allows you to connect your way – has turned up the heat with a high energy 60-second TVC that’s so hot, it should come with a health warning. 2003 - 2017