5 top tips to get you saving on airfare for film crew

5 top tips to get you saving on airfare for film crew

The logistics of travel are part of your everyday working life. Moving equipment, moving your crew, dealing with last minute changes of all kinds. It’s important to manage these logistics carefully or the extra costs you load onto your travel can be exorbitant.

So, how can you manage your travel costs and save money?

If you’re responsible for booking your travel for your agency, crew, or cast we know you're booking most of your travel on the run or at the last minute. And the costs can quickly add up.

Before I give you 5 top tips to get you saving on your airfare, here's how booking your travel without a travel management company like Stage and Screen who have the right expertise to manage your travel, is costing you:

1. Letting your travellers make their own bookings
Your travel expenses can sky-rocket as you have no control over each person’s spend
You’re using too many different suppliers, making it impossible to negotiate lower prices on bulk business

2. Booking online
You have a very limited choice (no VIP extras)
You forget to use your loyalty miles
Rates/fares can be up to 30% higher than Stage and Screen's negotiated entertainment rates.
Booking changes can incur hefty costs, as you probably booked the cheapest (most inflexible) ticket

To buy travel and save, you need the help of a travel management company with the supplier relationships, global support and expertise to make a difference.

Stage and Screen is a guru in film and production travel. Just take a look at our 5 top tips on http://www.stageandscreentravel.co.za/get-5-top-tips-airfare-savings to save on your airfare and you’ll see how our travel expertise and global knowledge can take the headache out of your travel.

Visit www.stageandscreentravel.co.za to see our global footprint and how we can help manage your travel and maximise your travel budgets. Or you can say hello on 0877 40 5181 and email experts@stageandscreentravel.co.za

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