234 Media, Big World Cinema and Suka! Productions announce a ground breaking alliance

234 Media, Big World Cinema and Suka! Productions have concluded a new production and distribution deal whereby feature films produced by Big World and Suka! will be distributed by 234 Media in Africa.

The agreement was announced today at the Cannes Film Festival by Big World CEO Steven Markovitz, 234 Media CEO and founder Dayo Ogunyemi and Djo Munga, award-winning helmer of Suka! Productions.

Under the agreement, 234 Media offers an output deal covering Africa to Big World and Suka! Productions and will also include a first look option on financing new film productions by Big World and Suka!.

Markovitz described it as a natural extension of the trio's previous collaboration on an unprecedented 19-country theatrical release in Africa of Munga's MTV Movie Award- and African Movie Academy Award-winning noir, Viva Riva. "There's a real dearth of distribution capacity in Africa, and with a promising line-up of films in development, it's important for us that we are able to reach not just international audiences but African audiences as well. With an affiliated exhibition business, 234 Media gives us that important reach across Africa.

"It's a pleasure to extend and expand our relationship with talented and experienced professionals like Munga and Markovitz said Ogunyemi. "Our alliance is at the forefront of a new wave of bold and assertive filmmaking in Africa, and we will ensure that African audiences get to watch these powerful African stories."

About Suka! Productions
Suka! Productions is the vehicle of accomplished filmmaker and producer Djo Munga, whose award-winning feature, Viva Riva!, was the first to be made in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 25 years.

About 234 Media
Based in Kenya and Nigeria, 234 Media is a leading pan-continental entertainment company with integrated interests in the distribution and exhibition business across East and West Africa. 234 Media's Cinemart exhibition project has the goal of increasing screen penetration in Africa from one screen for every 6 million Africa to one screen for every 100,000 Africans in the next five years.

About Big World
Big World Cinema is one of Africa's foremost and pioneering production companies, with a network of production partners across the African continent. Big World has co-produced worldwide and their films have screened in Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Sundance, Tribeca and garnered an Oscar nomination.

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