Retribution, starring Joe Mafela DIFF

Following the successful distribution of the multi award winning Skin, the NFVF has acquired the distribution rights of Retribution, starring the award-winning Joe Mafela (Tokoloshe, Madam and Eve, Going Up, 'Sgudi 'Snayisi, UDeliwe) and Jeremy Crutchley (The Fall Of the House, Madam Butterfly, SKIN).

The thriller tells the story of a retired judge who decides to take time off to write his memoirs at an isolated cabin. When he takes in a hiker lost in the wilderness, he later discovers the hiker is not really lost and this is no chance meeting.

According to the director of the film Michael Mukunda Dewill the film was a way of making a compelling story without using fast cars and explosions.

"The idea for this movie came about after I had just walked out half way through a $200 million super hero blockbuster playing at the local movie house. It was terrible, there seemed to be a thinking that if they just add enough bells and whistle, enough explosions and fast cars, perhaps people won't know that they don't actually have a story to tell here. So I decided to strip it all away. Just get to the heart story, find the essence that makes a compelling, intriguing story. And the more I thought of this, this stripping away, the clearer and more immediate the story became. I knew I wanted to do a psychological thriller," says Mukunda.

"A tough, taut, riveting thriller," Shaun de Waal, Mail & Guardian.

Mukunda and cast members will be available during the premiere. The film opens in cinemas nationwide on Friday 19th of August, 2011.

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