McDonalds crowdsources bite-sized videos for product

McDonald’s has turned to crowdsourcing for the release of their latest menu item: Chicken McBites. The release of this “cupholder cuisine” item in January 2012 will be accompanied by ten chosen crowdsourced mini films. The community over at Tongal will produce the short, or bite-sized, videos with cash prizes up for grabs for the winning videos.

Any registered member of the Tongal community can take part in the competition. As long as each mini film expresses what “on-the-go” means to its creator, it is eligible. The first stage of the competition entails concept submission, where hopefuls submit a 30-second preview and a short blurb for consideration. The award system beyond this step is rather complex. A total of $35,000 is up for grabs: the creator of the overall winning video will take home $15,000; the top ten 30-second video submitters will win $250 and be featured online when McBites launch in January, and other considerable entries will be awarded an unspecified amount.

Currently the shorts will only be part of the online campaign, but the potential for one great idea to be used on TV has not been ruled out. Despite the limitations of the competition, this project is a big step for crowdsourcing as the collective intelligence and creativity of the public is being leveraged by a massive company. McDonald’s is using its power to give the applicants access to more than 1,400 tracks from emerging bands, composers and record labels via Audiosocket.

The contest is due to run this week and the winning videos will be posted online in January.

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