Call for Applications to Attend Hot Docs 2014

You have the chance to attend Hot Docs 2014 as part of the DFA's application to the Department of Trade and Industry's Group Export Sector Specific Assistance Scheme (SSAS).

The DTI is doing great work in helping emerging documentary filmmakers promote their film projects at some of the world's top documentary events.

The Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

( in Toronto is North America's largest documentary film festival, which also hosts a pitching forum, conference and opportunities to meet with film financiers, television commissioning editors, distributors and sales agents. It takes place from late April to early May each year.

While some individuals can apply to the DTI directly, the advantage of the group scheme is that the DTI pays suppliers upfront for flights, transfers, accommodation and breakfast as well as for the group's stand, printing of brochures and the freighting of promotional materials. Many filmmakers are not in a position to cash flow a trip and be refunded later as per the individual scheme.

The group scheme is predominantly for emerging filmmakers (60%). Preference will be given to previously disadvantaged applicants, especially those who have never attended an international film market before. Applicants who are not first time market attendants should ideally have market ready projects, preferably with a trailer or some scene selections to do business at the market.


Closing date: 30 November for electronic applications

-No originals until DFA board has approved the application
-All applicants must be prepared to join DFA ( as members if not yet a member and existing members must be paid up.
-Membership fees are R300 per annum and proof of payment must be send with application. Please note that this also apply to candidates applying via the NFVF
-A non refundable application fee of R350 is payable upon submission of application and proof of payment must be submitted.

Applications must be emailed to

Forms to submit:

-Duly completed & signed application form
-Company profile as per guide on the application form - this could be done on the application form itself or separately but must be in line with the guidelines set out on the application form
-Proof of registration of the enterprise in the form of CIPRO certificate if a CC or (Pty) Ltd or
-A certified copy of your ID document in the case of a sole proprietor.
-Valid tax clearance certificate - at least valid until the end of the HotDocs 2014
-Comprehensive colour brochure/ CD ROM, Photographs or Pictures of the relevant products marketed by the company - at this point a copy or a link is sufficient
-Audited Financial Statements or bank statements of at least three months - stamped by the bank
-A valid copy of the passport of the representative of the firm to be traveling to the exhibition.

After the DFA board has approved the application, delegates need to pay an administration fee of R650 - send email proof of payment to

Deliver original documents within the prescribed period (normally 7 days) to:
125rd STREET,
JOHANNESBURG- during business hours (8h00 to 17h00) or

mail counter to counter to
P.O. Box 1330,

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