Inhlambuluko to shoot in Swaziland

Twenty Swazi aspiring actors/actresses will be cast for roles in the locally produced film titled, 'Inhlambuluko' which will be shot on locations in the country. The company's PRO Nolwazi Manana noted that South Africa is hungry for pure siSwati speakers, especially from Swaziland in their film industry.

This was announced during a press conference held at the Red Cross yesterday.

The first in a series of auditions which will be conducted regionally will be held in Pigg's Peak on August 29.Those who won't make the final cut, yet show the potential will be given the opportunity to be audition for television presenting positions in South Africa.

"This is an opportunity to expose Swazi talent to the South African film industry and there are endless opportunities for pure siSwati speakers," she pointed out.

Those who audition will be offered a short script which they have to recite and memorise; as it will be the key item with which their talent will be recognised.


They will be given enough time to rehearse before they shoot a piece which will then be edited to the highest standard in an attempt to capture the television and film industry's attention.

This final edited piece will be streamed online to the masses and most of the links will be directed to casting directors internationally.

When the project comes to a close the best and the finest will be selected for a final movie script.

The Marketing Director Lovington Dlamini explained, "Those who won't make the cut will take part as extras to boost their confidence.

The movie will then be scheduled for a commercial release, first in the country and then abroad and it will also be submitted to major film festivals which will guarantee major exposure and recognition into the film and Television industry worldwide."

Dlamini stated that this project would transform Swaziland's film landscape forever by giving birth to a new world recognised Film and Television brand.

Recently graduated Limkokwing University of Creative Technology students will be roped in for the production and recording of this movie. Setsaba Media Productions and Communication is a registered and recognised member of the Association of Independent Producers. Auditions forms will go for E100 open to all ages. 2003 - 2020