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Barry Strick Post Production South Africa (Pty) Ltd [field_website]
Editors | Post Production Companies | Post Production Producer
Post Production Facility and Crew Agency

Cape Town | South Africa

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Documentary Fil... DFA [field_website]
Documentary Directors
Develop the interests of documentary filmmakers

Cape Town | South Africa

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Wihann Strauss [field_website]
Camera Operators
D.O.P /Videography / Directing / Screenplay writing & reviewing / Neuro-Cognitive viewer engagement specialist

Cape Town | South Africa

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Roger Stiles GingerSnap Services [field_website]
Set Construction and Rental
Scenic Carpenter / Set Construction / Props

Cape Town | South Africa

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Nadia White [field_website]
Television Directors
Multicam Live, Reality Directing / Producing

Cape Town | South Africa

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Lauren van Rensburg Refinery [field_website]
Post Production Companies
Your one-stop VFX & post production solution in Cape Town

Cape Town | South Africa

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Trent Moffett
Actors and Casting
Actor / Cast & Extras Coordinator / Supplier of Cast & Extras Coordinators
Cape Town
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Infiniti Productions
Video Production
Film Production Company
Cape Town
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Magdel Venter
Video Editing, Data Wrangling
Cape Town
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Fergus Clark
Camera Operators
Camera Operator & Drone Pilot
Cape Town
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Michael Chèze
Directing, Producing, Cinematography, Editing
Cape Town 2003 - 2021