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Kayleigh Kinnear HashtagPost [field_website]
Offline editing, Post production

Johannesburg | South Africa

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Petra Peacock C-Cubed Communications [field_website]
Media and Publicity
Media and Marketing

Johannesburg | South Africa

Meatongrant Butchery & Function Catering's picture

Meatongrant But... Meatongrant [field_website]
Catering and Craft services

Johannesburg | South Africa

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FC Hamman FC Hamman Films [field_website]
Aerial Filming
Drone Aerial Filming (CAA Fully Licensed), Fastest MotoCrane in South Africa, Gimbals and Camera Equipment.

Johannesburg | South Africa

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Joe Dlamini [field_website]
Sound Person
Location Sound Recordist

Johannesburg | South Africa

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Tholoana Molapo
Production Managers
Production Manager/ Production Coordinator/ Office Manager/ Actress
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Gena Vorster
Production Managers
Producer, Production manager, Location Manager
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Theo Crouse
Video Production
DOP / Cameraman & Video Editor (Premiere Pro + After Effects) & MUSE Storytelling
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Gaelle Gosselin
Voice Over Artists
Voice-over English & French
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Katleho Selebalo
Camera Operators
Video Editor / Camera Operator
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Kea Matome
Media and Publicity
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