Film Production Companies Nairobi

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Albert Josiah Writer, Producer, Director Nairobi Documentary Producers
Alex Kanyi DIrector, Scriptwriter and Producer Nairobi
Alex Matu Screenwriter / Producer / Story development / Storylining Nairobi Scriptwriters
alexander njoroge Nairobi Interested in Film
Alexandros Kons... Directing, producing, editing, acting, script writing Nairobi Feature Film Directors
Alice Motieri Editor,Photographer and screenplay writer Nairobi Editors
Allan Aligula Editor Nairobi Editors
Allan Aligula Produce and Edit audio visual narratives to a discerning clientele Nairobi Editors
Amos Mwaki Editing, Shooting, Graphics, Soundtrack Nairobi Editors
Angela Wamai Producer, director, editor Nairobi 2003 - 2020