Film Production Companies Nairobi

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Annette Gatakaa... Script writer and Editor Nairobi Production Trainees
Anthony Kung'u camera operations Nairobi Camera Operators
Anthony Mwangi Graphics and 3D Animation Nairobi Animation Production
Anthony Njeru Editor, Camera, Director, Production Manager Nairobi Editors
Arjen Westra production, fixing, writing, character development, aspiring... Nairobi Documentary Producers
Arjen Westra production, screenwriting, actor Nairobi Actors
Barny Trevelyan... Providers of Remote Aerial Imagery and Solutions Nairobi Aerial Filming
Ben Omol Music Scoring, Audio Post Production and Sound Design Nairobi Composers and Sound Design
Bernadette Otieno Journalist/Producer/Screen writer/Director, Nairobi
Bonface Mogaka Screenwriter,Directing,production and editing. Nairobi Scriptwriters 2003 - 2019