Al Jazeera highlight: 'Salero'


The award-winning documentary Salero screens this Wednesday, 19 April 2017, on Al Jazeera English. The Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is the world's largest salt flat. For generations, 'saleros' like Moises have harvested salt from this ethereal expanse of white.

Selling salt is becoming less and less profitable, but the flats hold other riches. So Bolivia's leaders decide to mine lithium from beneath the salt crust. As infrastructure springs up, connecting the Salar to the outside world, one of the most secluded places on earth is thrust into the modern age. With progress seemingly unstoppable, Moises wrestles with his disappearing way of life.

Salero screened at some of the world's most prestigious documentary festivals, including IDFA and Fullframe, winning Best Documentary and Best Director at RiverRun International Film Festival, where the jury praised the film "for its astonishing visuals, narrative acuity and ability to showcase characters that go against the grain."

Salero premieres on Wednesday, 19 April 2017 at 2000GMT / 2100WAT / 2200CAT / 2300EAT on Witness, Al Jazeera English's inspiring documentary strand that brings world issues into focus through compelling human stories. For more information, visit

What people are saying:

"Extraordinary... manages to bring us deeply into the lives of these intensely cinematic characters, witnessing their struggles and successes with equal parts wonder and awe." Toronto Film Critics Association

"Mesmerizingly cinematic." Fullframe Festival

"Stunning." IDFA

"Breathtaking cinematography... an evocative score... not to be missed." Human Rights Arts & Film Festival


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