Africa's first short-format sitcom

Africa's first short-format sitcom

'The Bellos', Africa's first short-format sitcom for TV and social media produced by KMP Media Group, Johannesburg, is now released. Written by screenwriter Cilla Lowen, who has a penchant for the comedy genre, the story-line is covered in 26 five minute episodes. "My anthropology background helped me create stories that are truly African, but will be loved by international audiences too," says Cilla.

With one stand-alone story in each episode, it's suitable for all AV platforms and a great opportunity for sponsors and advertisers.

KMP Productions maintain that sitcoms offer the best return on investment to sponsors as they are proving to be the most popular conversation topic around the world. Viewers are gravitating towards 2 minute long comedy and prank videos and although there's a high growth of TV and video platforms, there are not enough local sitcoms.

Currently there are no short-format African sitcoms that "bring us home" - 'The Bellos' provides this option. Short videos rule the day on YouTube with the ten most popular being sitcoms.

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