Digital Media & Marketing Course for Content Creators

Digital Media & Marketing Course for Content Creators

The principles of marketing and creating content have not but the rules have! Sign up now for this part-time course and learn from industry professionals working in digital media and marketing.

If you work in film, TV or radio, or you're an agency involved in creating content for clients - this course will unpack the digital landscape and show you why there's never been a better time to take control of creating and marketing content. The course will be presented by industry practitioners and is tailored and developed by the digital media industry body in South Africa, the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).

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Course Themes

* The impact of digital on the media, content and marketing industries

* The changing nature of film & TV content business models; new careers and new job descriptions

* New power and new approaches for content creators who are becoming marketers - how Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, Instagram and YouTube are being used by the film and TV industry and other content creators
* Understanding the South African landscape and how access to the internet and devices impacts your approach
* Planning a digital marketing strategy for your content

* Finding outlets for your content

* Helping audiences access your content

* Creative choices and challenges for digital platforms

* Measuring value

* Transmedia - the growing trend for film, TV, video and audio

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