Heroic brothers get own movie after saving dog

Heroic brothers get own movie after saving dog

A one-minute movie has been made featuring the two poor brothers who walked 14km to save their neighbour's sick dog. The Daily Voice brought you the heartwarming story of Peter Cedras, 11, and Gerry, eight.

What made their story even more remarkable was that the selfless brothers had lost their home in a fire a few days before their journey to take Lady to the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa in Philippi.

The boys used their only money - R7 - and Gerry walked barefoot to the AWS to save the dog, who was suffering from tick fever.

Peter had been saving the money to buy his brother a pair of shoes.

After the boys' story was published in the Daily Voice, they were showered with gifts, including food, bikes and clothing.

They were made junior ambassadors for AWS and met then-Mayor Patricia de Lille.

Now the boys are the subject of a short film by Beautiful News South Africa who were touched by their inspiring story.

Allan Perrins from AWS says the one-minute mini-documentary went live on December 26.

In it, the boys share their heroic tale and talk about their future dreams.

Gerry says he wishes he could care for animals for the rest of his life: "When I am big, I want to be working at the animal welfare and we are ambassadors for the animal welfare."

Peter says "it was exciting" to be part of the film.

Their mother, Henna, who shows our team the new beds they received from generous readers, says she's proud of the boys though she has not seen the movie: "The people were here to film it and I am proud but I never got a chance to see it yet."

Talysa Rudah, deputy commissioning editor of Beautiful News, says: "Peter and Gerry's story is a true reflection of the potential we have as a nation. Two young children going to great lengths with heart and tenacity in the face of adversity is something we can all be inspired by."

To view the film, view their website www.beautifulnews.co.za or visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

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