How this film school is empowering South Africa’s diverse storytelling talent

How this film school is empowering South Africa’s diverse storytelling talent

As Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking celebrates its 10th anniversary, aspiring documentary filmmakers from all over South Africa are arriving at the film school to start their educational journey into the world of citizen journalism and documentary filmmaking.

Our tutors are industry experts who go way beyond teaching the technical skills of editing and sound. They encourage learners to tell their stories and tackle the issues and struggles in their own communities. This is about teaching socially responsible filmmaking that entertains, educates and offers hope - where the African spirit of ubuntu lives on.

A well captured story can go even further by capturing the hearts and imagination of many people. It can jolt audiences into action and positively impact social change.

What makes it all possible?

As an NGO, Big Fish relies on sponsorship and funding from various organisations and departments.

This year, the European Union is providing each student with a cell phone and a laptop - devices which they will own once they've graduated from the film school. They will learn to shoot on the cell phones and edit films on the laptops.

This revolutionary form of training develops students' skills in line with the needs of civil society, the media industry and the current job market. Students will be able to get out there and have quick and easy access to the tools that will assist in telling their stories. The training provides a holistic package that ultimately assists in improving the students' lives in a practical and sustainable manner.

Further funding for this citizen journalist programme comes from the Department of Arts & Culture, MICTSETA, Old Mutual, DHET and

Who are we?

Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking is a multi-award winning educational institution that offers bursaries to selected candidates who demonstrate a keen interest in documentary filmmaking. It equips economically disadvantaged youth with the skills they need to produce socially responsible documentaries.

In the words of the Ford Foundation, Big Fish is "an exemplar of best practice for post-secondary training".

View our award-winning films and past successes here.

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Tel: 021- 418 1737


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