Ryan Gosling and James Franco in talks to portray Oscar Pistorius in Hollywood biopic

Ryan Gosling and James Franco in talks to portray Oscar Pistorius in Hollywood biopic

South Africa is still reeling from the Valentine's Day shooting that placed Oscar Pistorius under suspicion of premeditated murder and the incomparable loss of South Africa's darling, Reeva Steenkamp. In the meantime, Hollywood decided to make a movie. By Renier Palland

The country has been divided into two polar opposite sides - one side claims he is guilty, while the other side claims he is innocent. After his lengthy bail application, and his eventual release on bail, South African citizens are waiting in anticipation for the court case that will captivate not only South Africa, but also the world. However, due to the burdened South African judicial system, this case might only be dealt with in early 2014 - maybe even later.

After all the rigmarole of the past few weeks, Star magazine recently claimed in an article that Ryan Gosling and James Franco are "battling to play Oscar Pistorius in a movie." According to a source, "Where there's a scandal, a movie deal is sure to follow! Ryan is the natural choice - he looks just like Oscar! But James already played a dramatic character with a major handicap in 127 Hours." Well, there's a huge difference between Franco slicing and dicing his arm and Pistorius shooting his girlfriend, but hey, we don't want a typecast, now do we? The source adds, "He [Gosling] could easily pull off the role and would definitely make it an award-winning performance."

A film about Pistorius' life would be a sure fire hit on the circuit. He overcame impossible difficulties to be where he is today and the shooting of his girlfriend merely accentuated his persona and made him powerfully infamous. Hollywood producers would certainly in on this Shakespearean tragedy that has gripped the world.


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