Safety scare as SABC lift plummets several floors

SABC workers are fearing for their safety after a lift at the South African public broadcaster fell and plunged several floors on Wednesday morning. "Lifts in the SABC are in a deplorable situation," said an SABC insider. "This morning one of the lifts in the SABC's radio building fell several floors from the 4th floor to two floors underground. Luckily the emergency brakes kicked in. by Thinus Ferreira

"Several of the lifts at the SABC are no longer in working order. SABC personnel often have to wait up to 10 minutes for an available lift. Others climb steps to get where they have to be," said the source.

In 2014 SABC workers got so frustrated with the broken down lifts that a worker put up a satirical note telling SABC personnel to rather take the steps to try and reach the top, and if they don't they clearly lack ambition. Some SABC workers didn't realise the note was a joke.

Late on Wednesday the broadcaster told SABC workers, which the broadcaster always refer to as "First Citizens", that the broadcaster "is currently experiencing an abnormal amount of lift outages at this time on the Radiopark Low Rise lifts and as a First Citizen you are requested to be patient".

The SABC told SABC staff in an internal message that "the situation is getting the necessary intervention".

The SABC admitted to SABC workers that "of the five low rise lifts installed in Radio Park, only lift B is working".

"The service provider is aware of the situation and will be providing extra personnel to give attention to the repair of these lifts."

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