Tailor Your Show Experience – Download The Mediatech Africa App Today

Tailor Your Show Experience – Download The Mediatech Africa App Today

Mediatech Africa - a trade show that pulls over 7 500 visitors, showcases close on 800 brands and is all flashing lights, pumping music, live demos, and events - needs a mobile app; it's the only way to navigate an expo of this size and magnitude. That's why Mediatech Africa has launched a new and updated show app which is now live.

Developed as a means to enhance the visitor experience, while it's an extension of the printed guide - its electronic scheduling features will ensure visitors can design and optimise their show experience. With so many attractions and new events included in this year's line-up - the app will make certain visitors keep track of what's on to avoid missing attractions they have identified as absolutes on their agenda.

The app includes a detailed on the hour schedule of what's on during the show - from the demos to presentations and events; there's has a full breakdown of what each activity covers and who's hosting or staging the session. When visitors opt-in in for an event - they can set a reminder to make sure they don't miss it. Interactive maps that zoom in and out and a detailed floor plan will facilitate easy exhibitor location; you can also tap on pins for exhibitor information. There is also an arrival and departure schedule for the bus that runs between the Ticketpro Dome and Monte Casino.

Mediatech show director Simon Robinson says that this is by far best show app the team has ever developed. "By drawing on insights gathered from the previous nine shows, we could narrow down what's important and include the kind of content and features that our exhibitors and visitors want access to," says Robinson. "It's very easy to navigate and we are confident users will see the app as a tech enhancement that adds value to the management of their show experience."

The Activity feed allows attendees to toggle between three streams of content. All Activity is a complete stream inclusive of all event activity; My Feed is a personalised stream tailored to each individual based on the attendee's interactions with the app and Plus Notifications are listed to help attendees stay on track.

Adding to this Robinson says that the smart social sharing capabilities are likely to be popular - enabling visitors to simultaneously share photos and comments to the Activity Feed and social networks outside of the app.

"When visitors create personalised schedules, they can be exported from the app to the native calendar on any mobile device and they can use the app to message other attendees directly. No phone number or email address needed. Message threads are saved for each attendee, making it easy to manage conversations."

This year the Mediatech Africa 2017 mobile app is the most user friendly app and anyone can download it free from their respective App store. Simply search for 'Mediatech Africa 2017'. Only people who have registered to attend Mediatech Africa 2017 will be able to login, create a profile and experience the interactive parts of the app. App login invitations will be sent by Mediatech Africa to people who have registered.

Don't miss all the new creative being showcased at Mediatech 2017 - an amalgamation of skill, technology and creativity all under one roof - on the hour every hour. Register for Mediatech now: https://event-rsvp.com/MediatechAfrica2017/. Or SMS your email address to 30529 to receive a link for easy registration on your mobile device.


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