VR in the Spotlight at DISCOP Johannesburg

VR in the Spotlight at DISCOP Johannesburg

DISCOP Johannesburg, Africa's largest content market, taking place from October 25th - 27th at the Sandton Convention Centre, will once again be partnering with DigiLab Africa (DLA) amongst other companies such as German's INVR.SPACE, to shine the spotlight on VR as it explodes onto the African content scene.

After a hugely successful DLA at DISCOP Abidjan, an even further expanded programme will take place in Joburg. The five DLA 2016 winners incubated by DLA will also be showcased at DISCOP Johannesburg, that will also mark the launch of DLA#2 and the next DLA call for projects.

In addition, is DISCOP Johannesburg is partnering with German company INVR.SPACE, who will be hosting the VR Cinema that will be found within the Germany Pavilion and will showcase African, German and other global VR projects ranging from documentaries, features films, animations and more. Within this VR Cinema the New Dimensions projects will also be showcased in partnership with the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg and Electric South.

Experts from across Africa will discuss the latest trends and provide the need-to-know information for any content producers or buyers looking to play in the VR space. Steven Markovitz has been leading the discussions around VR for a number of years already, back in 2015 telling CNN, "VR is a new format in its infancy, and it's an opportunity for Africa to get involved at a very early stage and be part of the global conversation. All the work I do is to challenge the dominant narrative and show Africa as a dynamic, nuanced continent."

Ulrico Grech-Cumbo, founder of Deep VR is considered one of Africa's experts in producing award-winning VR content, understands more than anyone the myriad application for VR content, from educational, tourism, environmental and entrepreneurial.

German journalist, photographer and film maker who specialises in the production of VR (Virtual Reality) content, Julia Leeb will also take part in these informative sessions.

Also joining in the discussion will be Morgan Bouchet, Dir. Digital Content & Head of VR at the global network operator Orange. Since December 2016, Bouchet has overseen Orange's "Orange VR Experience," a virtual reality test program in partnership with Wevr amongst other leading-edge projects.

Sonke Kirchhof, CEO and Executive Producer at the Germany based Virtual Reality Full Service Studio INVR.SPACE GmbH has been working in the fields of VR, stereoscopic Filmmaking, VFX and CGI Post productions well as Research and Development for more than 15 years.

Sonke Kirchhofm, Steven Markovitz, Ulrico Grech-Cumbo and Morgan Bouchet are amongst the top class experts involved in the VR focused masterclasses within the NEXT GEN Program at the 2018 edition of DISCOP Johannesburg.

In conjunction with these partners and experts, DISCOP Johannesburg will also present two master-classes focused specifically on the topic.

VIRTUAL REALITY: TECH, AFRICA and FUTURE | VR content production and distribution will take centre stage in the program. The following issues will be addressed: (1) How evolution in technology enables producers to experiment VR. Focus on Africa's creative solutions. Presentation of different VR headsets and VR cameras including price points with focus on innovative initiatives to combat costs; (2) What can Africa bring to VR content production. African producers share their vision on what role Africa can play in the burgeoning VR industry, where Africa VR is currently and where is it going in the next few years.

GET READY FOR THE VIRTUAL REALITY REVOLUTION | Not all VR content is made the same and the experiences vary greatly. This session will discuss obstacles and benefits in creating relevant virtual reality content. What kind of VR content broadcasters are looking for? What is their VR content development and coproduction strategies? What are the funding opportunities available to VR producers and the business and distribution models they should follow?

Founded in 1991, DISCOP markets help entertainment content producers, sellers and buyers connect, build relationships, pitch projects and make deals in Africa, the Middle East, new Europe, West Asia and the Indian subcontinent. *The first DISCOP market staged in Africa took place in 2008, in Dakar and hosted 324 delegates representing buyers, sellers and producers servicing a nascent marketplace . After building two annual shows in Abidjan and Johannesburg, DISCOP has become, within a decade, the leading B2B, face-to-face destination for entertainment content business in sub-Saharan Africa. DISCOP now enjoys 92% industry recognition and in 2017 its two shows in Sub-Saharan Africa will welcome 1,500+ content buyers, sellers and producers from 1,200+ companies and 70+ countries. Two new markets will be added, one in Zanzibar (July 2018) and the other in Lagos (May 2019), to increase DISCOP's reach in Sub-Saharan Africa. Next scheduled DISCOP markets :

DISCOP Johannesburg 25|27 October 2017
DISCOP Dubai 25|27 February 2018
DISCOP Abidjan 29|31 May 2018
DISCOP Zanzibar 11|13 July 2018
DISCOP Johannesburg 14|16 Nov 2018
DISCOP Dubai Feb 2019 (dates to confirmed in December 2018)
DISCOP Lagos 1|3 May 2019


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