(Watch) Day One at MediaTech

(Watch) Day One at MediaTech

By design, Mediatech Africa from now on is an experience which visitors immerse themselves in, leaving invigorated and inspired by the possibility of opportunity and a fast forward glimpse into the future.

An unmatched platform for networking, education and entertainment, this high energy - high impact event is all about the seamless integration of technology and creativity. It's about making the impossible possible. It's about innovation and bringing ideas to life using the latest tech.

If there is anything you want to learn about technology within these six verticals: Broadcast - TV & Radio; Film & Video Production; Digital Media; Pro Audio - Lighting - Staging; Audio Visual Integration; and Studio - Recording - DJ - then ..get to Mediatech 2017 at the Ticketpro Dome.

The expo ends Friday 21 July at 5:00pm.



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