American Producer to bring Top Actor Africa to Swaziland

He boasts of having produced two seasons of one of the biggest shows on BET 'Top Actor Africa' and for season three, the expert wants to audition hopeful Swazi's.

American born producer Samad Davis who is also the director of the newly released 'Love by Chance' movie currently showing in cinemas said since season two of his show 'Top Actor' had ended; he was considering shooting season three of the show in Swaziland where aspiring actors could have their biggest break in the film industry.

Top Actor Africa is a show that scouts for actors in all of Africa and airs on BET Channel 129.

The show 'Top Actor Africa' is also the very same show where the talents of some of the actors in the 'Love by Chance' movie were auditioned and made it through as professional actors and actresses.

Davis assured this publication in a telephonic interview that he would make it to a point that he comes back to the county either in August or latest, September.

The television expert was in the country on Saturday evening where he met and took countless pictures with movie fanatics who had gone to watch movies at the Gables, Movie Zone in Eulwini.

He later reported that he and the actors of the new movie were on a quest to promote the movie through the country to country tour where they do exactly what he did at the Gables. "I met nice people; we took pictures, spoke about the movie and later sat in for its airing at 20:00pm.

He described his experience with the Swazi people as 'amazing' and heart warming.

"Swazi's are very nice people I enjoyed my time in the country and I am definitely coming back to explore possibilities in the film industry," he said.

Even though Davis could not experience the local film industry in depth he said he could foresee chances of creating something big out of the industry for he hears from his close sources, Swazi's are talented people.

Davis has been working in the African production industry as a whole for the past seven years but he said he had only six years of producing entertainment shows.

Coming to the movie which he is currently promoting 'Love by Chance' starring South Africa's Atandwa Kani and Altovise Lawrence, Davis share that only one scene was shot in South Africa as they spent 20 days in his home town Atlanta, Georgia shooting the rest of the movie.

Atandwa Kani stars as the male lead in the movie opposite Altovise Lawrence, winner of the first season of 'Top Actor Africa', who takes on the role of leading lady 'Bailey' in the hilarious new comedy, a story about two aspiring actors from South Africa who are independently in America, trying to break into an extremely difficult and over-saturated Hollywood industry.

They find themselves in the Hollywood of the South, Atlanta, Georgia aka "Hotlanta," chasing their dreams as actors in a new country, while juggling friends and love.

The romantic comedy was later released on May 5 and ever since then has been showing in all cinemas South Africa has and as well as Swaziland's very own Gables, Movie Zone.

Asked if he had seen the three movies that were aired at the same venue during the EU Film Festival, Davis lamented the miss.

" Unfortunately I could not see not even one locally produced movie, which is why I will be coming back,"he assured


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