The Colonie Makes AICP Post Awards' Shortlist with Two Nods

The Colonie Makes AICP Post Awards' Shortlist with Two Nods

The Colonie is on the AICP Post Awards' shortlist with two of the company's projects receiving nominations for exceptional work. Editor Nathan Rodgers is a finalist in the Music Video category for his contribution to Taylor Bennett's 'Rock 'N' Roll.'

The editorial and postproduction company alsoeceived a nomination in the New Media: Vertical category for the Porsche spot, 'Curves'.

Editor Nathan Rodgers has also garnered a nomination from AICP Post for hip-hop recording artist Taylor Bennett's music video for the track,' Rock 'N' Roll.' Directed by Andre Muir, the storyline follows Taylor and a female accomplice on a 'Bonnie and Clyde' inspired robbery of a record store that goes awry.

The disjointed structure of the storyline unfolds the action out of context in seemingly random order. Shots of the crime in progress are intercut with Bennett's foiled escape, and the police nabbing him before he makes his getaway. The narrative and story come together with the help of quick shots scattered throughout the video revealing clues that led to the foiling of the heist.

"Being present at the shoot gave me a clear understanding of the vision," says Rodgers. "From there it was a matter of making sure that every image used contributed to building the entire story. The video bombards the viewer with a lot of chaotic images, so any extraneous shots could easily overwhelm or distract them. It was a lot of fun figuring out how long to hold on each of the brief 'hint' shots without making the clues too obvious or obscure."

"Editing this disconnected narrative structure and weaving all the pieces of the puzzle together into a captivating story that brought Andre's vision to life was a great experience," adds Rodgers. "The AICP nomination is just a continuation of that."


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