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Wow! This is a perfect and smooth way of receiving information for upcoming jobs and/or skilled crew. Having the contact details on hand makes life so much easier for me - I always forget my password when I have to log in. I will definitely recommend to everyone who is in the film industry - anything that makes my life easier is an absolute bonus! Christa Greyling
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on an awesome site! It's a one stop shop for all you need to know about film worldwide. I also found my first job in the film industry on this site which was a significant turning point in my journey toward my true passion. Each day keeps getting better and my first step started right here on Thandi Luzuka
Lilian is one of the most forward thinking and dynamic people in the South African film industry. She has strategically built a vital online resource with global reach and significance. Richard Lackey
Firstly, I've been a member of South African Filmmaker, and now FilmContact, for a while now and I wanted to say that I really enjoy the emails and the website. Not only have I met other film students and African Film enthusiasts here in the UK (where I currently live), but also getting the latest news about South African cinema and media is truly invaluable to me, now that I no longer live there. I seem to be a step ahead of my family who DO live there, simply because I read the FilmContact email Mike Boyd
I did some work for a Swiss client last year June. They lost my details over the months. They managed to locate me eventually on Cool hey? Great loss it would have been for me if I lost the job.. Gustav Oosthuysen
Regarding the speed of your feedback, I think you might have a future in air traffic controlling! =) Thank you for creating your site in the first place, not sure if you get enough gratitude for what you've done. Respect! Evert Lombaert
Lilian has over the years done an incredible job in providing the latest and greatest up to date news to the entire film industry. Her efforts to keep us informed and in touch have been a source of encouragement and inspiration for many filmmakers in South Africa and the rest of the film world. Lilian, we thank you and salute you for all the hard work and time it takes to keep the weekly update from as one of the most interesting and informative. I encourage anyone who wants to be in touch with whats happening in the South African film industry to subscribe." Roy Zetisky
Thank you very much. I did get a GREAT response I have been struggling with this project for a while now as to how I'm going to get a crew and stuff. But after posting that classified wow! I wish I had done it sooner. I found my crew! When I become a millionaire I will remember you! Ottilia Gadzikwa
I now have too much work. Your service is excellent! Sharon Jackson 2003 - 2021