Pavillon Afriques launches an online film school

Pavillon Afriques launches an online film school

In 2019, for the first time, a space dedicated to the promotion of filmmakers from Africa and its diaspora was created at the Cannes Film Festival. Pavillon Afriques was a resounding success because the need for a place to meet and do business around common issues had existed for a long time.

Since then, Pavillon Afriques has endeavored to create an ecosystem that echoes the needs expressed or latent.

Hence the launch of a podcast (, then a virtual monthly event "Meet Film Professionals" to "create a community and amplify voices that deserve to be heard", according to Karine Barclais, the founder.

The last endeavour of Pavillon Afriques is the creation of an online film school, Arts & Business Center (ABC).

It stems from many comments received from content buyers underlying some technical issues with the works sent to them by Pavillon Afriques on behalf of filmmakers from Africa and its diaspora. It also stems from the realisation that a lot of professionals did not have formal education in film and that they needed some to sharpen their skills and highlight their talent.

ABC caters to the needs of 2 different audiences:

- those who are passionate about films, learned the trade by themselves and want to take a leap in term of skills

- seasoned professionals who attended film school a few years back and who want to update and upscale their skills

With 248 courses divided into 20 modules ranging from post-production to light and the direction of actors through distribution and production, Arts & Business Center is a school that wants to be very rooted in daily practice because as Karine Barclais explains, « professionals do not want to go back to school ».

Nevertheless, learning from experienced colleagues currently active in the industry and who all have received Oscars, Emmys and SAG Awards, is an approach that works much better.

ABC offers discounts through Film Commissions and other local partners although professionals can register directly.



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